1903, 2020

How to mentally cope during these difficult times

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1. Focus on something Switch off the news and your phone and focus your attention on a task. Whether that’s reading, cleaning, having a clear out. Give it your full attention. We all have busy lives and often lack the time to get things done. Well now is a perfect time to get through that to do list! Think about [...]

3001, 2020

Let’s Create a Loving World….

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Something has been bubbling away for the last few months and it’s got me reflecting about the big questions you know the ones who am I? what do I bring? what’s my vision? The conclusion: quite simply my vision is ‘Let’s create a loving world…” This is my guiding intention, my purpose of life, so everything I do I can [...]

1911, 2019

10 Top Communication Tips to help you be a Better Leader

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The greatest skill a leader can have is being able to communicate effectively with others. So, here’s my top 10 tips to help you improve your communication skills. Listen! Really listen, don’t interrupt or take over the conversation. Get the full message. If you can increase your listening you will be more engaged, understand your team better and your team [...]

1907, 2019

The ‘Ah-ha’ Epiphany: Taking a Leap of Faith

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What was your ‘ah-ha’ moment? That epiphany that makes you realise where you’ve been steering yourself wrong, and how to course-correct your career and/or your life carries a particularly potent energy. Coaching has helped so many people to identify the reasons behind their lack of fulfilment, and it’s so magical to witness a person experiencing that shift in perception which [...]

1807, 2019

Engage Your Brain: Mining the Magic of Your Mind

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It is said that human beings only use 10% of their brains. That means that there is a wealth of untapped potential within all of us. Modern science has helped us to understand a fair amount about the human brain. However, we may never fully comprehend the full capabilities of our minds – at least, not in this lifetime. What [...]

1707, 2019

Coaching and Spirituality: Separate or Siblings?

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With coaching becoming more prevalent for professionals and leaders in the working world, comparisons with spiritual practices are beginning to be made. We hear a lot said about people ‘finding’ themselves and/or the importance of practising self-care. However, is coaching a part of all that, or something different entirely? Let’s first look at the definitions of both: COACH: give (someone) [...]

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