1607, 2019

3 Reasons Why Leaders of Charitable Organisations Put Themselves Last

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Are you the CEO of a charity or non-profit organisation? If so, you’ll know that the development of personal and professional skills for leaders in the charitable and non-profit sector is often identified as a priority. However, budgetary restrictions and time restraints repeatedly block access to this type of beneficial coaching. Whilst we cannot magically-produce extra hours in the day, [...]

2506, 2019

The Importance of Curiosity, Compassion and Courage

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Curiosity, compassion and courage (or the three Cs) are innate to our human capacity. As opposed to the many learned behaviours we pick up along the way, we are born with these three basic principles built into us. Think about it. When we are children looking at the world with new eyes, we are courageous – climbing without fear of falling; attempting [...]

803, 2019

The Power of Being Present

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We often find ourselves lost in thought around things that have happened in the past or concerned about things that might be happening in the future. We can sometimes get stuck in our heads thinking about the challenges that we might have to face over the coming weeks or months, or thinking back and having some regrets around things that [...]

2711, 2017

4 Top Ways to Motivate your Team

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Motivate your people through your leadership Motivated people are what make a business. A team of happy, engaged employees will do wonders for your business, helping you progress and move forward. Many businesses understand that staff retention is important for saving money on recruitment bills. But it really is so much more than this. You must remember that your employees [...]

2711, 2017

5 ways to inspire your team

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How to be an inspiring leader for your team If you want to succeed in business, it’s important to have a team who respect you. Your employees need to feel that you are someone energetic and motivating, who they can rely on to lead them to bigger and better things. Gaining their respect is essential. Inspiration might be a bit [...]

2711, 2017

Case study: leadership for transformation

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MS Labs An independently owned laboratory that offers microbiological testing and chemical testing services to the food, drink and allied industries, MS Laboratories has been in business for nearly 30 years. Established by the Shah family, owners Sam and Manisha saw potential for growth.   The challenge As a family-run business, MS Labs’ leaders were accustomed to doing everything themselves. [...]

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