A new programme kicking off in January 2020 – a programme specifically designed for all levels of management to develop their skills, confidence and performance.

Overview and Aim

Our coaching and training programmes are designed to enable sustainable transformational change that supports both individual and organisational growth.

What will this programme do for me?

The Management Development Programme will stretch, challenge and build confidence of supervisors and managers leading their teams to greatness. The programme will equip managers to deal effectively and confidently with areas of leadership, such as communication, delegation, performance management and challenging conversations.

What skills will I gain?

  • Vital interpersonal skills for a successful, respected manager
  • An awareness of your own preferred communication style
  • The confidence to give useful feedback and tackle performance issues
  • The ability to delegate with confidence
  • A structured approach to enable real results to be achieved from meetings
  • Techniques to deal with conflict
  • Principles of best practice performance management
  • Skills to tackle the challenges of managing individual performance
  • Motivation and feedback strategies
  • Skills and behaviours, you need to manage and influence others
  • A practical, blended learning experience allowing you to continue to develop skills in the workplace

This interactive programme includes activities and learning methodologies to meet a range of learning styles. This will include the use of a mix of role-plays, plenary discussions, concepts and theory, diagnostic analysis tools, skills practice and feedback to participants.

Programme Structure

Here are some typical workshops that may be included. The final programme will be developed according to the delegates requirements and developmental needs.

– Management Essentials

  • Roles and responsibilities of a manager
  • Managing team dynamics
  • Adapting management style to suit ability and confidence differences
  • Motivating your team

– Communication Essentials

  • Influencing techniques
  • Effective relationship management
  • Communicating with different styles

– Delegation & Feedback

  • Using delegation as a motivational tool
  • How to delegate effectively
  • How to give feedback effectively

– The Art of Conducting Meetings

  • Planning
  • Skills for effective meetings
  • Summarising and implementing action plans

– Performance Management

  • Principles of effective performance management
  • Setting Goals & Objectives
  • Managing and reviewing and assessing performance
  • Feedback and performance conversations

– Assertive Management

  • The difference between assertive passive and aggressive
  • Dealing with conflict assertively

When will this programme be delivered?

The programme will be delivered over 6 months:

What will my investment be?

We believe that combining coaching and training provides the best development solutions for individuals wanting to embed what they’ve learned learn into their everyday roles right away.

This Product: Basic Learning Programme – Training only:  £199.00 per month

Option 2 Available: Enhanced Learning Programme – Coaching & Training: £349 per month for 6 months

Enquiries: Email – info@power2progress.co.uk  Tel. – 01604 510066 / 07967 268838